Thursday, December 21


Multiplication Quiz


Structural and Behavioural Adaptations worksheet


Quick Math – Multiplication (10 minutes)

Tomorrow the students will be cleaning out their lockers and desks.

They will also be watching a movie in the afternoon.


Friday, December 15th

Friday Afternoon:

This was a catch-up period.  Students were expected to work on the following things:

  • + and – workbook
  • U-pick multiplication package (multiplication of 1 to 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, with regrouping)
  • 10 minutes of multiplication flashcards
  • Animal Adaptations Picture


  • students had free time
  • last 10 minutes were on the Quick Math program, working on multiplication

Thursday, December 14th


  • addition and subtraction workbook
  • SNAP 10 x 3 (array, product, and sum)
  • U-Pick Multiplication (10 questions per page)


  • CYU page 170 (1 to 3)
  • Read section 8-7 page 171 (CYU #1)
  • Animal Adaptations Drawing is now for homework


Coquihalla Idol information sheets were given to those students who are interested.