Thursday, October 11th

Silent Reading


  • MM – A35
  • as a class we worked on page 25/26 rounding to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000


  • Page 84 – 87 of text book
  • glossary work


**  This week is Fire Safety Awareness week.  In the morning we had a visit from the local fire department who brought two of the firetrucks for the students to check out.  In the afternoon we talked about having a  ‘Fire Safety Plan’ at home.  The students were told to go home and to ask parents what the plan was if there was a fire.  Where should they go?  How do they get out?  What about the pets?  


** The students are going swimming tomorrow morning.  Please make sure that they bring the appropriate items.

** We are going skating Monday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30.  If any parents are available to meet us down at the rink to help tie skate laces it would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, October 10th

Silent Reading


  • MM – A34
  • Rounding to the Nearest 1000
    • reviewed midpoint and benchmarks
    • JM – page 24 (13 – 17): this was assigned for homework
  • Rounding
    • using the (0,1,2,3,4) and (5,6,7,8,9)
    • JM – page 25 (2)


  • students were given the opportunity to look at the new science textbook
  • reviewed what a glossary is and how to use one


***Remember that parent teacher interviews are today and tomorrow.  If you haven’t set one up you may still phone the school secretaries to set one up.

Tuesday, October 10th

Silent Reading – cancelled for today

Buddies: Today the students went on a nature walk, down the Rotary Trails, with their kindergarten buddies.  They helped the buddies to identify different textures using their sense of touch.  They looked for smooth, rough, prickly, and any other textures that they could find and identify.


*** Remember that tomorrow and Thursday are the Parent – Teacher interviews.  If you haven’t set up an appointment please phone the school secretaries to do so.

Friday, October 5th (and Thursday October 4th)

Thursday, October 4th

Silent Reading


  • MM corrections and graph
  • review of rounding to the nearest 10
    • benchmark
    • midpoint
  • page 21 & 22 (1-7)


  • read ‘How Raven Freed the Moon’
    • a Northwest Coast myth


Friday, October 5th

Silent Reading



  • 15 minutes of math programs
  • free time for remaining time
    • no internet

Wednesday, October 3rd

Silent Reading



  • watched a video on the Phases of the Moon
  • used Moon Phase cards to study and review the phases of the moon

Parental Permission Form

  • a permission form for ice skating was sent home to be signed by parents/guardians

Tuesday, October 2nd

Silent Reading:  Silent reading is done every day for 10 minutes right after lunch.  Students are expected to read an AR approved book and eventually do the AR test on that book.


  • Jump Math (JM)
    • students continued their work on Pages 18 – 19

Buddy Reading:  Most Tuesdays around 1:30 we will be having buddy reading with Mrs. Polishak’s kindergarten class.

Library: Students had library with Mr. Flynn.  This is a chance for the students to exchange library books and see what is new in the library.

*** Coming prepared for the weather!!!

  •  It has been shown in studies that students who participate in vigorous physical activity are more prepared and receptive to learning.  (

    •  Although the students do not have PE every day they do have a lunch period every day.  With this in mind I would like all students to come prepared to spend their lunch hours outside running and playing with their friends.  This means that the students should come prepared for the weather of the day.  Warm clothing if it is cool outside, rain gear if it is raining, a hat and sunglasses if it is sunny, etc…

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Monday, October 1st

This is the first homework board of the year.  The afternoon’s agenda will be shown each day.  Homework assignments will be shown and any upcoming events will be shown.


  • Mad Minute (MM) and Jump Math (JM) corrections
  • Mad Minute – 31
  • JM – Ordering of Numbers up to 10 000
    • vocabulary:
      • ascending
      • descending
      • greater
      • greatest
      • least
      • smaller
      • smallest
    • Pages 18 – 20 (1-9: a-f)
      • this was not assigned for homework, more time will be given tomorrow


  • read “Rabbit and the Moon” a Micmac legend
  • completed a practice quiz on the phases of the moon
  • cut out the Moon Phase flash cards