Thursday, October 26th

Sorry that there has not been a post for a few days.  I have been home sick.  Here is an update of what work has been done for the week.


Monday: MM – A11, SNAP 444 (jump of 11)

Jump Math – Page 33/34 (1 – 12)

Tuesday: MM – A12, SNAP 1978 (Jump of 10)

Jump Math – complete assignment from Monday – assigned for homework

Wednesday: MM – A13, SNAP 94 (Jump of 3)

Jump Math – Page 35 (1 – 5)

Page 36 (1, 2a-f, 3a-f, 4a-i, 5ac)

Page 37 (1a-f, 2 -8)

Thursday:  MM – A14, SNAP 438 (students had to draw a base ten model on their desk)

Jump Math –  Page 39 (1 – 3)


Monday: The students participated in the first FitKids activities.  This was an exercise circuit coached by grade 5 and 6 students.

Tuesday: The students used this time to complete any missing work on their Biome Lapbook.

Wednesday:  The students watched a Bill Nye video on the moon.  The moon will be the our next unit of study.

Thursday: Science tests were handed back.  We looked over the test and talked about test expectations.  We also started to discus the video from yesterday.

CrispyBacon – 19.5/20   (A) great job


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